Ves-Tigios by Circolombia

I have been lighting designer for Circolombia since 2010. I started with their show Urban, and then took on the next show, Acelere. These shows got toured worldwide, to France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Spain, USA, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2021, Jose Henry and Palomo from the company began developing a new show that was just to feature the two of them. This involved Ryan Wilmott on sound design and was first staged at Edinburgh Fringe.

It then got brought to Bristol where Dav Bernard got involved in adding video and bits of set design and I came along to light it.

The work was to feature highwire, acrobatics and aerial. It was dark and strange, and great fun to work on. Here are Palomo and Jose Henry backstage at Edinburgh working on the gas masks that would feature in the "Hybrid" section.

Circolombia Ves-Tigios

"Ves-tigios is all about brotherhoods, a journey through a dystopian wasteland, fusing stunning physical performance with film to create a remarkable visual journey infused with

extravagant visions, acrobatics and unthinkable magic moments."

Set design and projection got worked on at The Propyard in Bristol and then it was performed at Circomedia. This is a brilliant place to rig, and perfom in. I was able to get lights exactly where they were needed, including some at head hight for the Hybrid sequence. I also deployed an old theatre trick that I havent used for years - firing spots at slightly crumpled foil to create ripples

Performed by José Henry Caycedo Casierra and Cristian David Triviño.
Set design and AV: MHz
Lighting: James Loudon
Music: Ryan Wilmott

Premiered at Circomedia/ Circus city festival, Sept 30-Oct 2nd 2021