Circolombia Acéléré at Brighton Dome

Dec 31, 2021

We were all very happy to get the full Acéléré cast together for a run of shows at Brighton Dome over the Christmas holidays.

Acelere by Circolombia, lighting design by James Loudon

The nature of the venue meant that we could install the cloudswing in a position that Tori could swing out over the audience, which gives that part of the show a lot of intensity.

Usiing a mixture of house lighting kit together with a set of Mac Viper Performance, my favourite moving head profile, I ran it with a ChamSys MQ70.

Breath of Beginning

Oct 12, 2021

It was lovely to work with Nina Bambrey again in the woods. She specialises in putting evening aerial performances in great locations. This time we were in Tortworth Forest for her new show Breath of Beginning.

There is no power available, and the kit has to be easily deployed. I used 10 Astera AX5 units for the performers, controlled with their app, and 9 SmartBats for uplighting the trees.

Plus a healthy dose of fire at the end.

Ves-Tigios by Circolombia

Oct 4, 2021

I have worked with Circolombia for several years, lighting their shows Urban and later, Acelere in venues around the world.

In late 2021 2 members of the company put a new show together called Ves-tigios. Just the two of them, and some nice set. It was a real treat to work with them on this creation

Palomo and Jose Henry made a strange world on stage at Circomedia in Bristol.

Photos by Ramona Carraro

Video and set by Dav Bernard

Heres a clip of one of the sections.

Reach by Lavrak

Nov 2, 2019

This was a really fun little tour with Amy Nicholls and her company. We took it to Falmouth University, The House in Plymouth, Circomedia in Bristol and Jacksons Lane Theatre in London.

I used the house rig in each venue but toured an Avolites Titan Mobile desk to keep as much consistency as possible. The show featured floor and aerial work with rigging and counterweighting by James Arscott.


Oct 1, 2019

In September 2019 I worked with Nina Bambrey at Whispering Wood Folk to stage the first outdoor production of Starflower to use lights.

We performed the show in Leigh Woods in Bristol, and at Bretton Hall in Yorkshire. It was performed as a promenade show and had three main areas that had to be lit.

As they were literally in the middle of the woods, we had no power. Plus lights had to be set up quickly and then taken down after each performance as it was a public area. So we used Astera Triple Pars on stands to light the performance areas. These are excellent compact battery powered units that have the added advantage of control by a phone app. No mains, and no data cables.

To uplight the trees I used a set of Prolights SmartBat which transformed the set into something very special. In addition we had flaming torches on each side of the performannce areas. It was a small and perfectly formed show featuring rigging by Kino Placebo and assistance by Justine Squire and Lindsey Drage.