Glastonbury Festival Circus Big Top

My regular gig for the last 20 years, this venue has transformed over the years. It is now one of the premiere showcases of emerging young talent and international artists anywhere in the world.

Avolites Sapphire at Glastonbury Festival Circus Big Top run by James Judge Loudon

Many companies have premiered new performances here including: Ockham's Razor, Pirates of the Carabina, Incandescence, Circa, Gravity & Other Myths, Fauna, Circolombia

Typically we will put on over 30 shows per day, most of them short slots and then we have two or three larger scale full theatrical performances in the evening. Every act gets to rehearse and I plot their show. sometimes its only a couple of cues but with the large acts I will program a whole cue stack, with sometimes over a hundred timed cues. We have a mixture of theatrical and moving head light sources controlled by an Avolites Sapphire desk.

Everything has to be done really fast and rehearsal and performance slots are scheduled to the minute. It is intense but very rewarding. Some companies will bring their own LDs and desks with them and we will accommodate that and work with them. Sometimes I have free rein on lighting shows and sometimes I work with the creative director or show designer to program the show.

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