Earth Ritual at Glastonbury 2023

It is always a pleasure to light an Eloïse Currie performance. Her aerial dance pieces are graceful, powerful and mesmerising.

For Glastonbury Festival 2024 she put together Earth Ritual with her friends Ishita Raina and Elizabeth Freeborn. I wanted to create an atmosphere for them - a space of warm soft gently moving light, and dappled patterns that they would move through, and amongst.

Aerial dance requires light sources from many positions and here I had warm light from the stage surface using tungsten battens and LED washlights. The gobos came from the sides and back using Chauvet Maverick spots. And from the back truss, a dollop of good ol' Parcans.

We were grateful to have the excellent skills of Steve Connor and Alister Chapman available again to video the shows.

Still photography: James Loudon

Videography: Symphony Digital Media