Cirque Bijou - Bridging The Gap, Bristol

Cirque Bijou presented the spectacle 'Bridging The Gap' for the launch of Bristol Green Capital 2015. High wire walker Jade Kindar Martin rode along a 100ft high wire on a bicycle with his wife Karine Mauffrey suspended beneath him as projections animated the buildings, live musicians played, and 80 LED umbrellas created the Bristol Green Capital 2015 logo on the ground below.

This event took place in Cumberland Basin in Bristol and the wire was taken between the to large bonded warehouse buildings. I took care of lighting the performance area between the two buildings, and the wirewalk itself.

We had to use four follow spots to pick up Jade, whilst Karine was internally lit by battery powered LEDs sewn into her dress.
Apart from the four follow spots, all lighting was LED based ranging from little battery powered uplighters on the small trees to the new SGM P5 units to light the front of the buildings.

John Newman from Utopium took care of lighting the sides of the buildings and the approach to the event.

It was an amazing event to be a part of and the kind of diverse project that Cirque Bijou excels at.

Projection: Kathy Hinde and Howie Bailey